Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters!

Hello all!

I figured it would be time to finally update this thing. I'm always taking random photos and swatches but never get around to posting them here.

So far I have 10/20 colors. I'm planning to collect all of them. That's a huge problem I have. When I like something, I always seek to get them in ever color available!

I don't have all 10 on hand (no pun intended) right now so I'll update this post when I get all the colors together in one place. I just really wanted to post what I already have. Make sure to check back if you want to see the rest!

Where are they on sale this week? (1/8/12 - 1/14/12)
Target - Not really a sale, but Target's prices are usually cheaper than other drugstore's. They're finally available on the website and they're $6.49 a pop. And if you have the REDcard you save an additional 5% with free shipping to boot!
CVS - They're $5.99 at CVS with $3 extrabucks back. That makes it $2.99! The only thing is that there's a limit of one offer for this and the displays are always ravaged :( The sale ends Sunday the 15th.

Would I buy these again?
Definitely! I usually have a problem with lipsticks making my lips peel and drying out my lips. These are like a hybrid between a lipstick, balm, and gloss. Perfect for someone like me who is still pretty new to lip colors.

I hope to post again soon with some eye looks I did last week :)

Click below to see lip swatches!

Red Velvet


Cherry Tart

Not sure on the name right now >_>

Creme Brulee

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